studio1Since moving to its new home, Stiwdio Felin Fach has gone from strength to strength over the last four years. The green oak eco studio that we dreamed of has proved itself as a creative space that people find inspiring. The eco principles that we put into the design, which includes geo thermal heating, have proved both practical and inspitational. The sum being greater than the parts – this rings true to my own personal phillosophy regarding art.

It’s both ‘homely’ and professional with natural light, a resident medlar tree and the odd chicken/duck/dog/cat though not actually inside the studio.

The main live area is 48 sq metres and I’ve recorded up to 30 people in this space. There is a separate vocal/drum booth and the kitchen can also be used as another isolated space if necessary. We are very lucky to have a beautiful reconditioned 6’6” Steinway Boudoir Grand piano which records beautifully and has made it’s way on to many recordings.

The Studio is based around a Tascam DM3200 digital mixer and Nuendo/Cubase running on Mac OSX. The studio has good selection of microphones and a TL Audio 4 channel tube preamp. The studio now has the full range of high end Lexicon reverbs as plugins within Nuendo/Cubase.

studio2The studio is ideally set up to record acoustic and acoustic orientated music. It’s all about moving air, capturing the moment, going for just that little bit more than you thought was possible. Musicians often obsess about what made some of the classic recordings sound so great – what equipment, what leads, what strings etc. – but more often than not the biggest factor is that you had a bunch of musicians moving air in the same space – again it’s back to that phrase “the sum being greater than the parts”. There’s never been a better time to take advantage of ‘live’ recording under studio conditions to get that unique feel to your music.

Studio hire is £200 per day (8 hour day)

The studio can also be booked on an hourly basis at £30 per hour.

The piano is available for sessions with a charge of £40 for tuning.

Location recordings can be catered for as well via a 16 channel recording set up.

Location recording is usually around £250 per day but please contact me for an informal discussion as each project is unique.

I have been asked more and more to produce albums for people and a Producers fee is negotiable if you wish me to be involved as a session player/arranger. Just contact me via the website for an informal discussion.

studio3We’ve had some notable recording success for example , the studio hosted the second cd recording by Django a la Creole featuring the wonderful clarinettist, Evan Christopher from New Orleans and the inimitable Dave Kelbie on rhythm guitar. The album was selected as the Sunday Times number 1 album of 2010 – very proud!.

Here’s a list of some of the wonderful people that have recorded at Stiwdio Felin Fach over the years:

Jamie Smith’s Mabon


Evan Christopher ‘Django a La Creole’

Tcha Limberger and the Budapest Gypsy Orchestra

Dave Kelbie

Carreg Lafar




Tina May

Delyth Jenkins

Dylan Fowler

Gillian Stevens


Hannah James

Tuulikki Bartosik

The Rheinigan Sisters

Timo Vaananen

Robin Williamson (ECM)

The Devils Violin

Daniel Morden

Hugh Lupton

Allan yn y Fan

The Company of Story Tellers

The Tea Hodzic Trio


The Ian McMillan Orchestra


Location recordings for:

The Angelo De Barre Quartet (Live at the QueCumbar)

Tcha Limberger – Kalozeg Trio (Transylvania)

Tcha Limberger and the Budapest Gypsy Orchestra (live in the UK)

Django A La Creole (live in the UK)